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We work with you to develop a complete custom productsuit your vision. After a consultation with your merchandise specialist you be able to: 
Choose materials & colours for your product
Alter your 3D concept art 
Customise packaging 

Your merchandise specialist will organise a physical sample. Upon approval we will co-ordinate the manufacturing and delivery of the product. 
We specialise in: 
Plush toys  
USB’s & Keyrings
Items including mugs 
Clothing accessories including cufflinks, scarves and pashminas 
Custom clothing including sporting and work uniforms

Any item is possible from a simple talking pillow magnet to custom sneakers.




We were approached by the Department of Education to develop a custom product for the “Bullying No Way!” campaign. 
We were asked to ensure that the product would be durable and appeal to children, who the campaign was aimed at. 

After many discussions as well as extensive market research a product was agreed on. The client decided that a bag tag & silicone wristbands would be an effective marketing reminder tool that most children would use and keep. 

The end result was fabulous. This custom product came in at budget, looked exactly as expected with positive feedback from the community.